Reo Water is located at 3067 W State Road 66, In Rockport Indiana.

Rate Change Information


During the course of the current upgrade project, in order to comply with the USDA loan requirements, we will have to implement a rate increase beginning with 20% starting with water used in January 2021.  This project is being implemented by REO Water to upgrade aging infrastructure in the system as well as keep up with current and any future Federal and State water utility regulations.  Information regarding the project will be posted on our website: www.reowater.com.  Any questions or comments should be addressed by email to: reowater@psci.net.  Each email will be reviewed at the board meetings that are held on the second Tuesday of each month.

Board of Directors

REO Water, Inc.

A Not-For-Profit Corporation

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Please Contact the Office if Any of your Contact Information Has Changed.

  •  Reo Water is Not Responsible for Mail Delivery
  • The Late fee is 10% of the first $3.00 and 3% of the remaining balance.  Late fees are applied on the 18th of each month.  Payment must be made in the office on the 17th to avoid a penalty.
  • Payment must be received in our office by the specified dates to avoid either a late payment charge or disconnection.
  • Failure to receive bill does not exempt you from monthly payment, late charge, or disconnection.
  • Account is considered paid when payment is received in our office.  Allow 4-5 days for delivery.

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